What is Photoluminescent?

In North America, PL products are now one of the fastest growing technologies that address energy conservation, environmental initiatives and life safety.


Strontium Aluminate is a solid, odorless, non-flammable, pale yellow mineral. It is chemically and biologically inert.


A proprietary laboratory process, which is 100% non-toxic using catalysts that are environmentally friendly. The PL absorbs any ambient area lighting and then emits that light once power is lost or an emergency condition occurs.



Festi Video on Photoluminescence

Codes & Standards Overview

  • Fully acceptable technology as indicated in Section 3.4.5 of the National Building Code
  • Use of Photoluminescent (PL) signs have been adopted Provincially in Canada
  • All Externally Illuminated signs must conform to – CAN/ULC-S572 Standard
  • Recognized Internationally for both egress and safety signage
  • Signs must consist of the ISO Pictogram sign
  • Minimum required light levels on all signs at “all times during building occupancy”
  • Signs must be marked accordingly to showcase maximum operating times
  • PL signs are considered their own emergency power supply (like a battery)


Replace your existing incandescent EXIT signs with our energy saving Photoluminescent Pictogram signs and receive up to $65.70 per sign in rebates. 

Retrofit With Our “Mix and Match” Program

Join the Revolution

The I.S.O. Running Man “Pictogram” sign is now been passed, and is now mandated:

  1. For all New Construction, and
  2. Any Retrofit in any building that involves either a Building or Occupancy Permit.

It is estimated that within 2 years, 75% of all Buildings will convert to the Running Man, and a large portion of these will be to eliminate the Language barriers, and reduce potential Liability.


The highest priority is to get rid of Incandescent signs now banned, and broken signs.  Replacing Incandescent signs now is also good economically, at least in Ontario, as the SAVEONENERGY REBATE PROGRAM guarantees between $15.00 - $25.00 per sign if you use our signs.  (If you have the EXIT/SORTIE combo Signs, you can receive up to $65.70 per sign.)


Building and Fire Officials were approached to gain permission to allow the Retrofitting/Conversion of signs be done in a slower more practical manner, by allowing “MIXING AND MATCHING”, so that as EXIT Signs need replacing, the conversion to the Running Man can be installed as needed, until the entire Building is done.


As with any Industry, the larger the Production run, the less expensive each Sign becomes.  We have several Clients’ who have begun a Planned Maintenance Program, and together, we have worked out Preferred Pricing, which is guaranteed for 1 Year. A Purchase Order is issued, with Quantities, and Delivery Dates confirmed, so that everything can be done on a preplanned basis.  Depending on your Quantities, we can offer pricing in the $75.00 range, which means after your Rebate, the real cost will be $50.00 - $60.00 for a sign that will be Guaranteed 25 Years, use NO ELECTRICITY, need NO MAINTENANCE, emit NO GHG EMISSIONS, and, in any Emergency, our Signs will ALWAYS WORK, and we will SAVE LIVES.




In my opinion photoluminescent signage is a product whose time has come. This technology has proven to us to be a very positive solution to exit signage problems. We recently converted the entire airport terminal building to the photoluminescent running man, and plan to move to our parking structure for this upgrade next.


Earl Arcand
Supervisor, Electrical Maintenance
Ottawa MacDonald Cartier International Airport



As a Fire and Life Safety Professional, I am very supportive of what the PL Safety Products can accomplish, and in our experiences, we are very satisfied with the Quality, and the Service.


John Chartrand

Manager, Fire & Life Safety

University Health Network




An Awesome PL Solutions Commendation

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We think your PL Running Man signs are a perfect complement to our LED Lighting Products.  Very easy to install and no electrical drops are required. There are no operational costs once installed and it comes with a 25 year guarantee


William Large


LED Solutions


Having been a client for years, we totally support the PL Technology, especially the Signs. They always work, need little to no maintenance, save us money, and are part of our Environmental initiatives. Great support, and service as well.


Perry Eldridge C.I.T.

Technical Services Manager

Mount Allison University



Ontario Industrial Fire & Protection Association

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